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Women in SIA Security – A Discussion in a Nutshell

Women in SIA Security

Women in SIA Security – A Discussion in a Nutshell

Women actively working in the private security industry and not just filling the spots where their presence is necessary is a dream yet to become reality. Women in SIA Security are not uncommon, but gender parity is some way off. For example, according to recent data, women make up 31.2% of the police force in England and Wales. In comparison, that number is a meagre 11% in the private security industry. So, the question is, what is keeping women from joining the private security industry?

Knowing about the misconceptions keeping you from a career choice

Several factors are keeping the number of female private security personnel low. You may have heard of some, but it is important to understand the real reasons and misconceptions, which will help you make the right choices if you want to pursue a career in the private security industry. During the process, you will discover what attitudes and beliefs are still limiting women from joining the private security sector. Some of those misconceptions are: 

  • To become a security officer, you do not need to be strong like a bodybuilder 
  • You need to be tall for the job 
  • Any job within the security industry is meant for men 
  • Women cannot handle the stress of the job 
  • Women are not authoritative enough 

Women in sia security - The Truth

Becoming a security officer in the private security industry is not that tough, and the jobs are not men-exclusive. Understanding this will make it easier to pursue a career you want instead of doing something destined for you due to the gender you identify with. The following points will help explain the point further; they will also highlight the attributes you need to have a job and career as a security officer

  • To work as a security officer, you do not require to be a bodybuilder; rather, you need to be fit 
  • Your height won’t have that much impact on your job, except in special circumstances
  • You have to be good in communication, especially in a manner where you can handle and control altercations and shouting matches 
  • Your dedication to keeping people safe will be the primary quality for getting and retaining your job 
  • You will need good observational skills so that problems can be spotted before they escalate
  • You will need decision-making abilities because, at times, you will be the one deciding on the course of action to keep people safe 
  • You need to have the necessary qualification and certifications for the job 
  • Women can be equally or more authoritative and do the job well 
  • Having some hand-to-hand combat skills will help, but it is not mandatory 
  • If you do not wish to work with people, there are other roles for you to consider 

Women in sia security opportunities

women in private security

Being a woman does not mean you cannot be part of the private security industry, but rather the opposite. With the number of women working in private security being only 11%, there are enough opportunities and vacancies. If you have the necessary qualifications, you can find a suitable job easily. If you still need to get the training and certification, it will take a few days to complete a course offered by one of the most reliable institutions and then a few weeks to secure the SIA licence.

The possible job roles other than being a security guard

In this context, you also need to remember that being a woman does not mean you must always prove yourself. If you wish to be one of the Women in SIA Security but wish to refrain from interacting with people regularly, you can find a suitable job role as a CCTV operator. Having a job in private security does not mean you will always have to run around breaking up fights and keeping people in check. You can also do a fine job monitoring an assigned area through CCTV. Once you start searching and actively looking for possible jobs within the industry, you will see the wide range of positions available. 

Please browse our website to find our door security supervisor and CCTV course. They will prepare you for a career in the private security industry. If you wish to learn more, please give us a call, and our representative will be happy to help. 

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