What A Security Guard Can and Cannot Do | Top Guide | Updated

what security guards can and cant do uk

What A Security Guard Can and Cannot Do | Top Guide | Updated

Becoming part of the private security industry and building a career out of it can be a wise decision. Many people opt for this choice every year, and if you wish to be one of them, being aware of certain aspects will help immensely. For example, you need to be aware of the minimum qualification for entering a course, which course will help to secure what job role and what security guards can and can’t do in UK.

Why is it crucial to have this knowledge?

It may not seem like much initially, but when you find employment and handle real-life situations, knowing what you can and cannot do will be crucial. Without this knowledge, you may end up doing something that will violate someone’s legal rights. You may be held responsible for legal disputes if you unknowingly make some decisions or take some actions. Hence, knowing what you can and cannot do as a security guard while working within the country is imperative.

Things you are allowed to do as a security guard

Before getting excited about having any amount of power, however limited, it is necessary to understand that, even as a security guard, you will essentially be a civilian. Therefore, you will have the same rules, regulations, and laws will be applied to you. As a security guard working in a private security agency, your primary duty will be keeping an eye on things and deterring people from doing something they should not. Being a part of an agency responsible for the security of a venue or property, you are allowed the following powers for your work and fulfilling your responsibilities:

● You are allowed to use surveillance equipment (CCTV cameras) to monitor people and their behaviour within the premise of the place you will be working.

● If you are an armed guard, you will have permission to use your weapon in specific circumstances to protect property, people and yourself as a defensive act. You cannot use your weapon willy-nilly, though.

● As an unarmed guard, you will have general security responsibilities, including monitoring, regular patrolling, controlling the access to the venue and maintaining general safety and order.

● As a mobile guard, you will be responsible for regular patrolling of the location you are posted at while implementing road and parking regulations.

● As executive security, you will be responsible for the safety of celebrities, politicians and such important people. You will have several responsibilities and rights, but that won’t trump the law and a law-officers right.

In short, apart from some basic rights that apply to a security guard, certain responsibilities and powers change depending on your job role. Remembering this will help you understand and do your job better.

Things you are not allowed to do as a security guard

While working as a security guard, your responsibility will be looking after and ensuring the safety of the property, venue and individuals that fall under the purview of their job role. In the course of your job, there will be several incidents and details which will need to make prompt decisions. Knowing what you cannot do in a situation will help with deciding, doing your job and fulfilling your responsibilities. The following list will highlight the things you cannot do:

● You cannot search any property without explicit permission from the owner unless, due to specific circumstances, the owner is incapacitated at that moment and you need to ensure their safety by checking out that there aren’t any threats.

● A security guard is still a regular citizen and not a part of law enforcement. Therefore, you can make a citizen’s arrest by using reasonable force but cannot detain someone through excessive force or violence.

● A security guard has the same rights and powers as a regular citizen and, accordingly, can make a citizen’s arrest under certain circumstances. However, they cannot arrest someone who hasn’t done anything. Unlike a law enforcement officer, a security guard cannot arrest someone only based on suspicion.

Security Guards better preparation

Once you are sure about what security guards can and can’t do in UK, it will be easier to absorb your training and better prepare for the job role. In the process of preparing for the career, you will find out that your rights, powers and responsibilities will vary depending on the industry, your employer and exactly what the job entails. Therefore, you should know the basics and remain flexible about the job you are getting. It will help you become a better security guard and secure a nice career. Please contact us to learn more and find your career path.

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