What Is SIA? Everything You Need To Know | 2024 | Updated

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What Is SIA? Everything You Need To Know | 2024 | Updated

If you’re wondering, “what is SIA?” you’re in the right place. Vertex Academy has a complete guide to help you understand the need for an SIA licence in your security career.

Competent individuals are needed in the security industry because of the importance of the tasks involved. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence is widely understood as a key indicator of professionalism.

You can expand your knowledge by taking the best sia course in the UK. It is particularly important for those with less experience to possess a security certification to set themselves apart from their competition.

Today, let’s talk in detail about the answer, “what is SIA” and everything you will need to know to obtain excellence in your security career.

What Is SIA?

The Security Industry Authority is a non-departmental public body in the United Kingdom responsible for regulating the private security industry.

SIA ensures security industry professionalism and effectiveness under the Private Security Industry Act 2001. Its main objectives are public safety, industry confidence, and security personnel ethics.

The core purpose of SIA is to raise standards and improve the quality of private security services. It achieves this by licencing individuals in designated security roles and ensuring they meet specific training and qualification requirements. The SIA regulates the industry to keep criminals out and protect the public.

Now, what is SIA roles? It oversees various security activities, including manned guarding, door supervision, close protection, public space surveillance (CCTV), and key holding.

SIA sets industry standards, conducts background checks, and mandates training to create a well-trained and responsible security workforce. This, in turn, ensures that private security services are delivered professionally, responsibly, and with integrity.

History Behind The SIA

The SIA was established in 2003 following a series of incidents highlighting the need for robust regulation in the private security industry.

The UK government recognised the importance of ensuring that security personnel have the necessary skills and qualifications to perform their roles effectively. The SIA was founded to meet this requirement.

Since its inception, SIA has reached several significant milestones. It has continually adapted to changing industry demands and emerging security challenges.

SIA has improved UK security services since 2004 by introducing the first licencing scheme and adding CCTV and close protection licencing.

Over the years, the SIA has evolved into a leading authority in the security sector. It now establishes best practises and industry regulations to security companies and individuals. SIA’s stakeholder collaboration has promoted professionalism and accountability in the private security industry.

What Is SIA Licencing?

SIA licencing is a fundamental aspect of the organisation’s regulatory function. Individuals must hold a valid SIA licence to work legally in designated security roles. The licencing process includes a thorough background check and verification of qualifications and training. This ensures only upstanding security professionals are hired.

Different Types Of SIA Licences & Their Purposes

● Manned Guarding Licence

Purpose: This allows individuals to work as security guards in various settings, such as retail stores, office buildings, and events.

Skill Set: Focuses on crowd control, patrolling, and handling security incidents in public places.

● Door Supervision Licence

Purpose: It enables individuals to work as bouncers or door supervisors at clubs, bars, and entertainment venues.

Skill Set: Emphasises conflict management, customer service, and ensuring patron safety.

● Close Protection Licence

Purpose: It authorises individuals to work as personal bodyguards for high-profile clients or at-risk individuals.

Skill Set: Involves advanced training in threat assessment, emergency response, and VIP protection.

● Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) Licence

Purpose: It allows individuals to operate CCTV cameras for monitoring public spaces and private premises.

Skill Set: Focuses on surveillance techniques, data protection, and effective camera operation.

● Key Holding Licence

Purpose: Permits individuals to hold and respond to alarms on behalf of clients or businesses.

Skill Set: Requires knowledge of alarm systems, proper key management, and prompt emergency response.

What Is The Process Of Obtaining SIA Licences?

● Complete Approved Training: Attend and complete an SIA-approved training course specific to the desired licence category.
● Submit Relevant Documents: Provide necessary identification, proof of address, and any required qualifications.
● Pass Background Check: Undergo a comprehensive background check to ensure a clean criminal record and meet eligibility criteria.

How To Do Licence Validity & Renewal?

● Specific Duration: An SIA licence is valid for a set period, typically three years, but dependent on the licence type.
● Renewal Process: Before expiration, individuals must apply for licence renewal, which involves submitting updated information and undergoing another background check if required.
● Ongoing Compliance: Licence holders must adhere to industry standards, participate in continuing professional development, and stay updated on regulatory changes.

SIA Support & Monitoring

● Guidance And Support: SIA offers guidance and assistance throughout the licencing process to help applicants meet requirements.
● Efficient Monitoring: SIA diligently monitors licence holders to ensure ongoing compliance and adherence to industry standards.

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