SIA Licence Renewal At Vertex Academy | 2024

sia licence renewal
sia licence

SIA Licence Renewal At Vertex Academy | 2024

Interested in SIA licence renewal? As with the majority of licence renewal processes, there are multiple factors to consider prior to application. This includes when you should submit your renewal application, how long your new licence will be valid, and whether you can work while you wait for your sia course in uk.

Here we will discuss in detail everything you need to know about SIA licence renewal.

How long does an SIA licence remain valid?

An SIA licence is only valid for three years and must be manually renewed! Unlike a photocard driver’s licence, which must be renewed every ten years, an SIA licence is only valid for three years, which may surprise some private security personnel.

Keeping track of your SIA licence’s expiration date is crucial! Even before this three-year period expires, you can apply for your SIA licence renewal to continue working legally in your chosen sector in the private British security industry.

Some private security personnel may even possess multiple licences for the various areas of the industry, in which case it can be even more difficult to keep these licences current. In this case, we recommend noting the licence expiration dates to have ample time to complete the application process and obtain your new SIA licence before your current licence expires.

Please note that you can only renew licences you have previously held. For example, you may have obtained an SIA Door Supervision licence after completing a door supervisor course near the Forest Gate, but you want to shift from door supervision to protecting property against theft and damage during transport. In this case, you will have to apply fresh for an SIA Cash and Valuables in Transit licence.

When applying from scratch, obtaining an SIA licence can take anywhere between 25 business days and six weeks.

Can I renew my SIA licence after the expiration date?

Though it is possible to renew your SIA licence after its expiration, doing so may not be convenient if you are about to begin a new SIA position. You will not be able to work in the private security industry with an expired SIA licence.

To avoid such complications, you must apply for your SIA licence renewal four months prior to its expiration date. It is also crucial to have all the necessary documents prepared before beginning the renewal process.

What is the cost of SIA licence renewal?

The application fee and renewal fee for an SIA licence are both £190. However, you can receive a 50% discount on your renewal if you already hold a valid licence for another licensable activity (one that was not discounted) and your current licence has more than four months remaining. If you meet both of the conditions a substantial discount will be applied to your renewal fee.

How much time is required for SIA licence renewal?

It will take approximately 14 days to process your application for SIA licence renewal once you submit it with all the required documents. Upon completion of the process, you will receive a new SIA licence via mail. If you are contacted to provide additional information to support your SIA licence application, you should send them as quickly as possible to avoid any delay in your renewal process.

Keep in mind that you may not be eligible for an SIA licence, even if you have previously held one. For instance, if you have been convicted of a relevant offence since receiving your current SIA licence, or if the licensing criteria have changed significantly. There can be numerous reasons why your renewal could be denied, but you will be given the reason and an opportunity to respond/appeal.

What documents am I required to submit for my SIA licence renewal?

Identity verification is required during the renewal process, just as it is during the application process, and the same criminal record checks are conducted. To comply with these checks, you must provide original copies of specified identification documents to verify your identity. You are required to submit two categories of documents for the renewal, Group A and Group B.

Group A documents include the original copy of your valid British passport, British birth certificate, or a British driving licence photocard issued by the DVLA. In Group B, you are requested to submit documents such as your recent bank statements, utility bills, and council tax statements.

These groups list all the additional documents that can be used for identity verification, For a streamlined renewal procedure, we advise having as many pertinent documents on hand as possible.

SIA licence renewal guide

Once you have collected all the necessary documentation and have four months until your current SIA licence expires, you can renew it online.

Below, we have outlined each step of the procedure for your SIA licence renewal:

Contact your employer:

Before submitting your renewal application, you should inform your employer of your intent to renew your SIA licence. Sometimes your employer might submit your renewal application and pay the fee on your behalf. To avoid paying the renewal fee, confirm this with your employer before you begin the application process.

Sign in to your SIA account:

Next, you must go online to either create or access your SIA account. Here is where your renewal application will be created. If your employer wishes to apply for your renewal or pay for it, they have to link their SIA account to yours. You must accept their request to link accounts via email to allow them to submit and/or pay for your renewal.

Enter personal credentials:

For the identity verification process, you will be required to provide personal information that matches the data on your previous SIA licence application. That is why having the most current and accurate personal documents is essential.

Renewal process:

You can now begin filling out the application for SIA licence renewal. Simply navigate through the renewal section by selecting ‘Licence’, ‘Actions’, and then ‘Renew’. On the subsequent SIA renewal application screen, you will be given instructions to follow. After completing the application, review it to verify if all information is accurate and complete before submitting it.


After submitting the application for renewal, either you or your employer will receive an email link through which the payment of the licence fee can be made. The faster you or your employer makes the payment, the faster your application will process.


During the processing, SIA will check your criminal record using the information provided in your application. According to current SIA regulations, you may still be eligible for an SIA licence despite of having a criminal record, depending on the date and nature of your offences. If you have committed a crime in the recent past, this can count against your application.

Your SIA licence renewal may be denied if you have committed an offence that threatens the public or points towards specific traits that are incompatible with the private security industry (such as dishonesty). You can use the government’s criminal record indicator to determine whether your criminal history could affect your application for an SIA licence.


Once you go through all of the above-mentioned processes, SIA will notify you about the status of your application. Once your application is approved, SIA will begin the renewal process to generate a renewed licence.

If your application gets rejected, SIA will explain the reasons behind the denial through a letter. Once you receive this letter, you will have 21 days to respond. This response will then be presented to a Magistrates Court for the final verdict.

Though you would not have to retake the whole training for your SIA licence renewal, you may have to take some additional training courses if any important new topics have been included in the training criteria.


If you want to apply for an SIA licence or need additional training to renew your existing one, at Vertex Academy, we offer the best SIA course in the UK. Irrespective of which area of the private security industry you have expertise in, we have some of the best security licence courses in the UK.

We provide a well-equipped, friendly and relaxed learning environment for our students to help them create a flourishing future in the security field. To know more about security courses, visit our website today!

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