Unveiling the Door Supervisor Job Description | Vertex | 2024

door supervisor job description
door supervisor

Unveiling the Door Supervisor Job Description | Vertex | 2024

Are you looking for a door supervisor job description? If you’re among those willing candidates who dream of becoming a bouncer (professionally called a door supervisor), we can help you with that!

Door supervisors mostly work in bars, pubs, event venues, or nightclubs. They prevent any harm to the property, check the people who enter, and safeguard those inside the premises.

At Vertex Academy, we have designed some of the best industry-standard courses for security professionals and beginners who want to make a career in the security industry. Today, let’s talk about the job description of a door supervisor.

Door Supervisor Job Description – Basic Duties

Venues hire door supervisors to act as security guards. Door supervisors are responsible for people’s safety and must have a strong sense of responsibility.

Here is a list of door supervisor job descriptions.

● Check the people who enter and leave the premises

● Step in physically when needed to protect the people on the premises

● Prevent conflicts from happening and handle them if they do

● Escort people out when needed

● Make sure the dress code is followed

● Check tickets and manage queues and crowds

● Work with first aiders and the police when necessary

How Do You Work As A Door Supervisor?

The role of a door supervisor is versatile, adapting to the specific venue or event. Their primary objective is ensuring security, which manifests in diverse tasks such as verifying age and drinking eligibility or responsibly denying entry to individuals under the influence.

Door supervisors regularly navigate challenging scenarios, addressing aggression or non-compliance with establishment policies. To excel in this role, a door supervisor must maintain a high level of physical fitness while remaining acutely aware of the legal parameters governing their actions.

What Qualifications & Skills Are Included In A Door Supervisor Job Description?

Being a door supervisor necessitates calmness and a strong sense of responsibility. Here are some of the skills required to be successful in this role.

● Staying calm and sensible: Always keeping a cool head and making smart decisions

● Staying in good shape: Being strong and ready to deal with tough situations

● Thinking ahead: Having the knack for predicting potential issues

● Knowing safety: Understanding how to keep people safe

● Customer service skills: Being friendly and helpful to the people you’re dealing with

● Endurance: Standing for long hours and working in different places.

● Handling stress: Dealing with pressure and staying relaxed even when things get tough

What Experience Do You Require For This Position?

A door supervisor job description means handling difficult situations such as aggressive behaviour with self-control. This may be a natural quality or something that comes with experience on the job. Besides this, technical experience is needed and can be acquired through training.

Having customer service experience is a good advantage, as this role is about finding the right balance between customer-focused and professional. Candidates should know how to use a cash register and computer systems. They should also be at least 18 years old.

Any Legal Powers That You Need To Know About?

The official door supervisor job description falls under the rules of trespass. This means they have the authority to physically remove people from the area they are in charge of. They can only use force when there is no other option. They also have the right to defend themselves from attacks when in the role.

Could Someone Be Arrested By A Door Supervisor?

Yes! The door supervisor job description will often speak about the power to arrest people in the U.K., but this is only a citizen’s arrest. Anyone can make a citizen’s arrest, whether they have a door supervisor SIA licence or not. The Criminal Law Act of 1967 grants this power to every citizen, allowing any citizen to use “such force as is reasonable in the circumstances in the prevention of crime, or in effecting (or assisting in) the lawful arrest of offenders, suspected offenders or persons unlawfully at large.”

In short, the law means that door supervisors (and others) can use force to stop a crime from happening, for example, separating an argument or fight. If a crime has already happened, they can hold someone until law enforcement shows up.

What Are The Training & Educational Requirements?

The main route to this position is a specialist training course. To get the final qualification – the front-line licence issued by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) – candidates must pass several qualification tests. Before anything, candidates should get an Emergency First Aid at Work or equivalent course.

Once completed, they can get their SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence qualification. This licence permits its holders to work in security and is the Level 2 Award for Working as a Door Supervisor in the Private Security Industry. Those who want to enter this profession should check with training providers as they may offer a combined first aid course and level 2 door supervisor award.

Differences Between Door Supervisor & Security Guard

Both roles have many things in common, as they both work to prevent crime and ensure people’s safety. The main difference is that a security officer watches over properties, while a door supervisor guards people inside a property by checking who enters. A door supervisor usually has a licence to sell alcohol, which is something a security officer cannot do with their security officer licence.

Find The Best Door Supervisor Courses With Vertex!

Understanding all aspects of the door supervisor job description can be a bit complicated, but when you have the right set of skills and training for extreme situations, it becomes easy. That’s why Vertex Academy is on a mission to curate the best SIA training courses to make some of the most immaculate, industry-leading security employees out of talented candidates.

SIA courses give you the know-how and abilities to do your job safely and successfully. In addition to learning conflict management, physical intervention, and emergency procedures, you will also gain confidence in handling challenging situations.

Door supervisors who have completed extra training and obtained an SIA licence frequently earn more money than those who do not. So contact us today to learn more about our courses and clear your doubts about the door supervisor job description!

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